"All That We See or Seem is but a Dream Within a Dream"

Every morning I wake up I expect to see your face… when I didn’t it was like I had just been hit by a train. ive never felt that kind of pain before. it made me sick to my stomach. ive never loved someone as much as ive loved you and I doubt that I ever will again. you are something special. something you don’t find again. that fact that we messed this up destroys me. but what destroys me even more is the fact that I did the same thing to you that you did to me. but every night I cry… I guess its the truth that you never know what you got till its gone. that’s for damn sure. except I knew what I had but I had a feeling I was going to lose you… sure enough I did. life will never be the same. we will never be the same… you tell me I need time to mend my heart but what you don’t understand is that all my heart needs is you… ive loved you since I was 14 years old and ive loved you more and more everyday… I know now that I was never enough. you were never happy with yourself  so therefor you could never be happy with me… so im gonna grow from this. Im not gonna let it get me down. im gonna do everything it takes to become an amazing woman and be proud of myself. I will always love you.. no matter what. and you will always be my friend. but right now I think its time for me to go…I need to mend this heart that was been shattered and torn..

P.S. I love you more.